Dopey Left Building Christie With Personal Attacks

Chris Christie's weight plays oddly to his benefit, enhancing his brand as a plain talking, regular guy who just wants to do the right thing. So what do Chris Matthews, and other dopes at MSNBC, think they're proving when they mock his obesity?

On this evening's Hardball, Matthews got off a fat joke of his own at Christie's expense.  Matthews suggested that someone inform Christie that the tunnel he vetoed is going to be "a wide tunnel; it'll be very useful to certain people."  The irony?  Matthews' gibe came in a segment about Daniel Patrick Moynihan in which Matthews made a point of praising the late senator from New York . . . for avoiding personal attacks.

In August and September, Schultz got off a series of fat jokes aimed at NJ Gov. Chris Christie.  After Schultz eventually stooped to calling Christie a "fat slob," he was reportedly reprimanded by MSNBC president Phil Griffin.