Donald Trump Scares and Helps Mitt Romney

Normally, if you threaten the president, the Good Government People go into vicious attack mode. "Racist! Bigot! Hater!" But you can't stop Donald Trump's questions on Obama's birth certificate through name calling - that would only bring him more attention, and attention is the fuel that powers Donald.

There is a major chance that this guy has violated the United States Constitution... Why has Obama spent over $2 million on trying to get away from this issue - why? ...If I were a reporter... I would be on this issue, because if I proved it right I would be the Watergate reporter, I would be one of the great reporters in history.

The Romney people are dying over Trump, too, because they can't be happy seeing Trump nipping at their heels in New Hampshire. But Romney Finance Chair Spencer Zwick rightly explains why Trump's benefit to Mitt may well outlast his cost.

When the voters take a closer look at his actual business record as well his personal life, then Trump will be on the defensive. He isn't facing any scrutiny now and is able to get on a lot of TV exposure. In some ways, we are happy because even against Trump, Gov. Romney remains as the front runner with a lot of room to grow. Trump has a ceiling of support in the primary.

In the meantime, Trump is doing what Mitt can't - creating unease about Obama in the minds of undecided voters - the very voters the president needs to win back.