Does Quiet Equal Happy?

Hillary gave the big speech yesterday, a big transition from Tuesday night.
Just five days ago, when Mr. Obama secured the 2,118 delegates needed to clinch
the nomination, Mrs. Clinton defiantly told her supporters that she remained the
best candidate for the presidency, would stay in the race and that the 18
million people who voted for her should "be respected."

Lots of Democrats agreed with her.
But over the last few days, Democratic leaders pressured the one-time
front-runner to concede defeat and throw her support behind Mr. Obama, who has
just 150 days before Election Day to reunify his party in hopes of defeating
Republican Sen. John McCain.

It's a very strange thing about Democrats, party leaders, I mean, that they didn't do this pressuring routine to Barack over his inability to secure the nomination with pledged delegates.

After a divisive, five-month battle for the Democratic nomination, in which
the former first lady cast her opponent as a political neophyte woefully lacking
the skills and experience needed to handle the world's most demanding job, many
of her supporters were not yet ready to let bygones be bygones.

With Hillary as the nominee, they might have had a good chance at winning, and now, the only hope for a Barack victory is with Hillary as the VP. But is Barack going to see that?