The level of thoughtfulness that the socialists have in making policy is impressive.
Rep. Alan Grayson was standing in the middle of Disney World when it hit him: What Americans really need is a week of paid vacation. So on Thursday, the Florida Democrat will introduce the Paid Vacation Act — legislation that would be the first to make paid vacation time a requirement under federal law.
Just what's called for - especially in this economy.
The bill would require companies with more than 100 employees to offer a week of paid vacation for both full-time and part-time employees after they’ve put in a year on the job. Three years after the effective date of the law, those same companies would be required to provide two weeks of paid vacation, and companies with 50 or more employees would have to provide one week.
Is there any cost to these giveaways, or is the only thing that's been missing is the great ideas?
The idea: More vacation will stimulate the economy through fewer sick days, better productivity and happier employees.
Ah... I see. It's incredible that we've missed the opportunity all these years.
“There’s a reason why Disney World is the happiest place on Earth: The people who go there are on vacation,” said Grayson, a freshman who counts Orlando as part of his home district. “Honestly, as much as I appreciate this job and as much as I enjoy it, the best days of my life are and always have been the days I’m on vacation.”
He'd rather be in Disney World than in Congress, but these days it's hard to tell the difference.
According to the Center for Economic and Policy Research, 28 million Americans — or about a quarter of the work force — don’t get any paid vacation. The center says that a lack of vacation causes stress and workplace burnout and that those evil twins cost the economy more than $300 billion each year.
Let's not forget the power of special interests.
Not surprisingly, some in the travel industry are salivating over Grayson’s bill; Grayson spokesman Todd Jurkowski said the U.S. Tour Operators Association and the Adventure Travel Trade Association are both on board. Other tourism and labor groups are expected to sign on in the coming days.
Are there no voices of reason?
The Society for Human Resource Management issued a statement Wednesday warning that “a one-size-fits-all, government-imposed mandate is not the answer.”
Does everyone in Congress think that the message of this economy is to further encumber the private sector and encourage slothfulness?
But in the workaholic world of Washington, not everyone is so impressed with the restorative — or stimulative — powers of time unplugged. Asked Tuesday what he’d do with an extra week of paid vacation, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) said: “I’d keep the cash and spend the week working on the farm, with my BlackBerry and office files.
Senator Grassley doesn't need to go to Florida to get his fill of Disney World. Yesterday, GOP party leaders met to consider trying to rebrand Democrats as the Social Democrats or some such more precise name.
Backing away from an earlier attempt to rename the Democratic Party the "Democrat-Socialist Party," the Republican National Committee just passed a resolution saying the Democrats are pushing the United States to socialism.
Just call them the Disneycrats. Everyone will understand.