Did You Remember to Tip Your Gestational Carrier?

Have you thanked your gestational carrier today?

Australians are aghast that expatriate couple Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban described the unidentified surrogate mother who delivered their second child at a US hospital last month as their 'gestational carrier.'

'In those last two words, the woman whose body nurtured this child for nine months is stripped of humanity,' social commentator Melinda Tankard Reist wrote in The Australian newspaper Wednesday.

Always the role models on family, those Hollywood folks.

'The phrase is reminiscent of other terms popular in the global baby-production industry, such as suitcase, baby capsule, oven and incubator.'

It is not known whether Kidman and Urban, both 43, paid the surrogate mother - but to do so in Sydney, Kidman's hometown, is to be made illegal under legislation passed last year in the New South Wales state parliament and soon to take effect.

It's so much cleaner this way.

The Surrogacy Bill bans commercial surrogacy, either in Australia or by Australians who seek that service abroad.