Dick Morris: Obama Campaign Run By Idiots

Dick Morris thinks the president's handlers are running a stupid campaign.

... instead of using hope and change and uplift, he's using envy and fear and dislike and distrust.... his personal approval ratings are dropping... he's alienating the swing voters massively. Whoever thought up this strategy is an absolute idiot.

Why is the president's campaign so divisive? Morris explains this technique is being used to charge up special interest voters to turnout in large numbers because his handlers think he can't win mainstream American voters. 

I think Barack Obama has essentially given up trying to pursuade the majority of American people to reelect him as president... everything he's doing is aimed at a special interest constiuency where he wants to hype the turnout. This week it's students, the Trayvon Martin thing, talking about the Texas voter ID law aimed at Latinos.

He's using the politics of division and envy and animosity to try to raise that turnout level...