Deval's Deflection

The big three candidates for Governor held state house press conferences yesterday, as Deval Patrick tried to avoid responsibility for the present by placing blame on Charlie Baker for the past.

“Bill Clinton, as only he could, described Government as ‘being in the future business,’” Patrick said. “The idea that we should be making good choices, wise choices, that build a strong and better community out over time. Charlie Baker got government out of the future business with his big dig financing scheme, and we’ve been pulling our way out of that whole for four years now.”

No one saw fit to mention that Deval is selling out the future by dismantling education standards in Massachusetts in exchange for more cash from unions, for the day was devoted to budgetary deceptions.

Charlie wasted little time in turning the focus back where it should be - on Deval's four years.

He added, “I know why they want to talk about the Big Dig, because they don’t want to talk about the mess they’ve made of the state’s finances over the course of the past four years. They don’t want to talk about the billion-dollar deficit we had this year. They don’t want to talk about the eight tax increases they’ve passed.’’

While Cahill wasn't prepared to declare who he thought was a liar, he did offer an alternative storyline - a way to do redistricting that makes sense instead of making politicians happy.


Independent gubernatorial candidate Timothy Cahill says if he was elected governor he would create an independent redistricting commission.