Deval Grants Interviews, Hates Questions

There he goes again. Impatient, testy, tone-deaf - he is Deval Patrick... not just the Governor of Massachusetts, but the re-elected Governor of Massachusetts.

“Wait a second — you’re missing the point,” said a bristling Patrick when asked why he stayed silent about the board’s decision to release ex-con Dominic Cinelli, 57, accused of murdering Woburn patrolman and father of three John “Jack” Maguire, 60, last week.

“I’m the first one who said, ‘How did this happen?’” he said.

“I have more to do here than to just have a public reaction. I’ve got a decision to make and making decisions requires information and so I think it’s entirely appropriate to gather that information over the course of a few days, that’s what we’re talking about, and then go from there,” Patrick told the Herald in a pre-inauguration interview.