Deval and Charlie Ride the Bus

Scott Brown was part of The Baker Bus Tour over the weekend, with their biggest rally in Foxboro.

Deval was touchy about being followed around on his bus tour by Baker operatives dressed as candy and fearful of being taxed to death.

“Who is going to tell our kids they have to pay $50 million in additional taxes to support his overspending on Beacon Hill?’’ Baker said to roars from supporters in Beverly.

Baker’s M&M’s held signs at Patrick’s events that read “Boooo taxes’’ and “Don’t tax me!’’

Being against higher taxes is a gimmick, in Deval's World, as would be committing to not raising taxes.

Patrick, dismissing Baker’s candy-tax attack as “another gimmick masquerading as a serious point,’’ slammed his GOP opponent for focusing so much on the negative he is “scaring people.’’

Baker had another gimmick on the road Sunday - Yankee fan Curt Schilling.