Democrats Say Government Will Create Jobs

Durbin talks about helping families, who he says are being crushed by the new debt reduction legislation.

...the downpayment on the deficit included in this bill comes primarily from working families and those who are struggling in America.

Okay lefties, explain this to me then. If there are no budgets reduced in the debt reduction bill, just reductions in increases to spending, how is anything being taken from anyone? No one's budget is being lowered, and the debt deal only "cuts" $21 billion in spending in 2012! Lunch money! So, Durbin is lying. Here's Harry Reid with similar pap.

We need to do more for families. The number one job we have as a congress must be creating jobs for the American people.

As we all know, if the government is to "create" jobs, it must get government out of the way of job creators.