Delaware Numbers

Christine O'Donnell is well positioned to win her senate race in Delaware. Consider - despite the overwhelming beating she's taken in the media and from the entrenched GOP old guard, a new poll shows that O'Donnell is only 11 points down.

Coons earns 53% of the vote to O’Donnell’s 42%, with leaners included. One percent (1%) prefer some other candidate, and four percent (4%) are undecided.

These numbers are no worse for the Republican nominee than they were over the summer, leaving O'Donnell at a safe distance from which to make her own case, and as people like Dick Morris argue that there's no big risk to the GOP in supporting Tea Party candidates.

“When it comes to fiscal and economic concerns, someone who is an extremist in the words of the establishment is probably more trustworthy on (economic) issues.

“The issue is not extremism or moderation. It’s sincerity or insincerity.”

And it's about values - being willing to fight for what's right rather than just being focused on holding on to power.