Dean Scream Makes Comeback in Canadian Election

Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff, running for prime minister on a platform that includes Cap & Trade, is being mocked as Canada's Howard Dean after his "Rise Up" speech.

Michael Ignatieff started the campaign channeling Dylan. Now it’s the Boss.

Inspired by a Bruce Spingsteen album he was listening to on his iPod, the Liberal leader tried out a new rallying cry in Sudbury that he says will become a staple of his campaign stump speech.

But is he as lovable as Dean?

After a relatively staid question-and-answer “town hall” Friday evening in Sudbury — where some in the crowd told him he was “too nice” and should start showing more passion — the Liberal leader got the crowd on its feet. He ran off a list of Conservative controversies and called — almost shouted — for Canadians to “rise up.”

Canadians vote on May 2.