David Brooks - Obama Correction Critical in Egypt

David Brooks says the Obama White House was caught off guard and responded poorly to events in Egypt, but that this week's shift may have helped avoid another Tiananmen Square.

And I'm really impressed by how quickly they have moved off their original position. And I think the influence may be substantial. We don't know this. I know -- I ran into many people who were extremely nervous about today, that thought today was Tiananmen day, that they would crack down.

DAVID BROOKS: And it could be that our conversations from the Pentagon to the Egyptian military played a big role in preventing that. We don't know that yet.

But I think our influence in that kind of way, in those sorts of conversations, potentially substantial.

JIM LEHRER: Is there a risk involved, beyond the immediate, that the end result may be Mubarak going, but who knows what's going to happen after he leaves...