Is Barack Obama's big, socialist government making Rupert Murdoch happy?
"I think he sees himself as a president of change and that involves bigger government. He’s made no secret of that and I think it’s dangerous,” Murdoch told Neil Cavuto in an interview aired on News Corp.-owned Fox News Channel. “I believe in low taxes and less government, if possible.” "The one place that's not affected by what’s happening—recession—is Washington. It’s just crawling with people--all getting hearty pay whether they be lobbyists or whether they be going into new agencies and so on…..I envy people with real estate in Washington."
A year ago, it was a different story.
Rupert Murdoch -- Chairman of News Corp, new WSJ owner, and longtime torchbearer for conservative politics -- said this about Barack Obama: "He is a rock star. I love what he is saying about education. I think he will win and I am anxious to meet him."
Murdoch's economic forecast doesn't bode well for the new President.
Murdoch also said he believes the economy has "hit a bottom," but that unemployment will go to "10% or 11%" within the next three years.