Dan Rather: Race Will Be A Factor

Tedious: Dan Rather pushing the idea on the Sunday shows that race will be a factor in this year's reelection of the post-racial president.

But this will be, let's don't forget that race will be a factor in this presidential campaign. Yes, the country can feel good about we elected a person of color, which I did not expect to see in my lifetime. But race will be a factor in this.

Despite the powerful symbolism of Obama’s election, blacks and whites are still living in two different worlds.” write Andrew Romano and Allison Samuels in this week’s Newsweek. Part of the matter, the numbers show, is that blacks and whites disagree on whether or not race is still an issue: 60 percent of blacks said that racism is a big problem today in America, while only 19 percent of whites responded yes to the same question

Dems are certainly doing their best to prove him right over the Trayvon Martin case.