Czech Prez Under Pressure in Pen Heist

Czech President steals pen, goes viral.

After several copies of the video started to circulate, most of them implying that Mr. Klaus had stolen the pen, both his spokesman, Radim Ochvat, and Chilean President Sebastián Piñera’s office told reporters that the Czech president had done nothing wrong. Chile’s billionaire president, they insisted, was more than happy to make a gift of the pen – which was encrusted with semiprecious Chilean lapis lazuili stones – to his Czech visitor.

The video, of Mr. Klaus admiring a ceremonial pen during a state visit to Chile, and then attempting to slip it into his pocket without anyone noticing, was annotated and set to music by the Czech television program 168 Hours on Sunday:

More than 5,000 Czechs have signed up to a Facebook campaign to mail pens to him after seeing a video of him sheepishly pocketing a pen last week in Chile.