Cute Twist As Gov Walker Addresses State

Commending the state for civility, Scott Walker told Wisconsin state workers last night that he respects and appreciates public employees. Democrats must have been chuckling at how effectively he played their game. Walker also did some educating.

I understand and respect those concerns. It’s important to remember that many of the rights we’re talking about don’t come from collective bargaining. They come from the civil service system in Wisconsin. That law was passed in 1905 (long before collective bargaining) and it will continue long after our plan is approved.

Here's how Walker started his address to the state last night.

Wisconsin is showing the rest of the country how to have a passionate, yet civil debate about our finances. That’s a very Midwestern trait and something we should be proud of. I pray, however, that this civility will continue as people pour into our state from all across America.

First, let me be clear: I have great respect for those who have chosen a career in government. I really do.

Walker went on to quote from mail he's received on both sides of the debate. A nice job of touchy feely - important as a way to nullify the advantage Democrats gain by pretending to care.