Criminal Extent

Did Alexi Gianoulias, who's locked in a tough fight for his friend Barack Obama's old senate seat, know that he was loaning money to a long list of gangsters before his family's bank went under? Yes he did, although Meet the Press host David Gregory had to repeat the question a few times to get his bizarre answer.

Asked again if he knew that criminal figures were the recipients of some of those loans, Giannoulias said again, "I didn't know the extent of their activity."

Giannoulias took a senior position at his family bank in 2004, at about the same time it lent millions of dollars to figures with alleged ties to the mob and who were preparing to serve federal prison terms. The bank failed in April this year.

I wonder if he uses the same political consultant as John Tierney!

Kirk, who waved at the camera what he claimed was a printed list of loans his opponent’s bank made to convicted mobsters, said the issue exemplified Giannoulias' poor judgment.

Ya think?

"You don't have to pull their rap sheet. It was in the Chicago Tribune," Kirk said. "The Broadway Bank provided an extraordinary amount of loan capital of millions of dollars to mob figures and convicted felons after they had been convicted and that's absolutely the case."
We'll watch to see if Alexi pays a price for being so honest about his criminal coddling past.