Crackdown: Pilot Showed Security Flaws at Airport

Is it just security theater? The feds are cracking down on a pilot who has posted videos showing what he says are videos of security flaws at the airport in San Francisco.

The pilot placed several videos on YouTube in late November or early December that showed how ground crew members can enter secure areas by swiping security cards and without undergoing further screening.

The pilot remains employed with a major airline, but he has withdrawn from a program that trains flight crew to help prevent hijackings after authorities confiscated his federally issued firearm, Werno said. He declined to release the pilot's name, citing concerns about the man's job.

The pilot, a 50-year-old Sacramento-area native, has worked for a major airline for the past 10 years and continues to fly, according to Werno. He has been advised by his airline not to disclose his identity.

The feds say their concern was that he was authorized to carry a government issued firearm in the cockpit as an FFDO (federal flight deck officer).