Cowardman Tierney

We had an inspired, and large, crowd turn out today for the protest of the Congressman in Hiding in Peabody, Mass held by Bill Hudak, who is running against Tierney. Hundreds of people, angered over the policy pursuits of the socialists, were on the streets, while across from the district courthouse, a crowd of union nurses and other of the Democrat special interest groups were ordered to appear in opposition. This was a tactical mistake, as it created more attention to the fact of Tierney's unwillingness to meet with his constituents.

Leftist Congressman John Tierney supports the President's Socialized Medicine Plan, but he won't meet with constituents to talk about it. So, a protest is called for - and it's happening today. Join us (if you're in the area of Boston's north shore) today at 1pm outside of Tierney's office at 17 Peabody Square to make a show of support for the U.S. Constitution, and opposition to the move to Soviet-style health care. The event is being held by Bill Hudak, a Saugus attorney is running to unseat Tierney next year. Come and show your support!
March on Washington September 12.