Cornel West Thinks James Taylor Is Hip Hop

Forgive me, but I grew up in a liberal environment and I thought they were serious when they said we weren't supposed to care about what people looked like. So, it surprises me still that the left is obsessed with nothing as much as appearance. Listen to Cornel West get the Occupy Los Angeles crowd charged up with the usual lefty divisiveness.

The Tea Party looks more like the audience of Lawrence Welk and the National Hockey League. The Wall Street occupation, we look more like the audience of Lupe Fiasco, the audience of Carole King, and James Taylor. There’s a cultural sensibility that is different in that regard.

Don't let anybody tell you that somehow we just a shadow of the Tea Party movement. No Way. Yes we concerned about individual liberty but we concerned about social justice!

Social justice is contrary to the notion of liberty. By the way, James Taylor and Carole King attract the evil rich in my experience. Just check the crowd shots.