Cool: Mitt Gets Booed at NAACP

The crowd didn't like it much when Mitt Romney said he'd repeal ObamaCare - but you wouldn't expect them to.

Mitt Romney drew boos, shouts and jeers from attendees speaking here to the NAACP convention, who balked at his claim that he — not the country’s first black president — could best represent black America.

Their affiliation with Democrats has been a disaster for Black America, and supporting Barack Obama gains them nothing. But they're not likely to start to peel away before they've been invited to someone else's party.

The Republican’s call to repeal the health-care overhaul — which forms a standard part of Romney’s stump speech — also drew loud cries that temporarily drowned out his speech, causing Romney’s reception by the group to veer from genial to borderline hostile.

This was a good idea for Mitt - it shows some fight, some toughness - demonstrating the courage of his convictions is exactly what he needs to do to convince people he has convictions.