Cookie Compassion - Sarah Has It, the Socialists Don't

Sarah Palin is concerned about the Fed, and she's concerned about cookies.

Who knew nutrition guidelines were a Tea Party bugaboo? Sarah Palin's post-election focus on the issues has gone from monetary policy to ... cookies. The Alaskan brought cookies to a Pennsylvania elementary school yesterday to slam government interference pressing for healthier eating, ABC News reports. Pennsylvania is a "nanny state run amok," she wrote on Twitter, linking to a Pittsburgh Tribune-Review story about a proposal to limit sugary foods at school parties.

"Who should be deciding what I eat? Should it be government or should it be parents? It should be the parents," she told a cheering crowd at a fundraiser later that day. Pennsylvania school officials, however, say Palin's characterization of the issue as a "cookie ban" is dead wrong, and that administrators are simply seeking ways to encourage schools to serve more nutritious foods, CNN notes. The Tribune-Review has retracted the story Palin linked to, and has published a correction.

I share her cookie compassion. I'm thinking Chocolate Chip Cookies - with extra chips.