Connie Mack Fights Off Piers

A wonderful exchange between host Piers Morgan on CNN and Congressman Connie Mack. Mack explains that the real crisis is Washington overspending, not the effects of the Tea Party trying to do something about it.

“If he’s done such a great job, why did you stab him in the back?” Morgan asked. “I didn’t stab him in the back. Come on, don’t be ridiculous with stuff like that. Now you’re just making your show a joke,” Mack replied.

“Really, why is that?” Morgan asked. “For saying things like that, Piers. Come on,” Mack said.

While many are lambasting Piers for the hard-nosed nature of the questioning, and for espousing the standard liberal media viewpoint, he gave Mack a great opportunity to defend the TP, which Mack did effectively.