Confusing Tingle

Chris Matthews is truly confused, and he admits it. Listen to his description of what it means to vote for a Republican as he interrogates Michael Scherer from Time Magazine.

CHRIS MATTHEWS, HOST: Here`s the point. Why are the voters now in these polls -- now, some of the polls are robocall polls. They`re not the most reliable polls. But I`m seeing enough evidence to think there`s something going on. When people say -- independent voters say they`d rather have Bush back --


MATTHEWS: -- after Iraq and taking this economy -- doubling the national debt, bringing the deficit out of nowhere, when Clinton left it with a big, fat surplus, why would you want that back?

SCHERER: Take --

A recent poll shows that Bush would beat Obama handily in Ohio today.

And I think in a place like Ohio, where you`re talking about that poll, what people are saying is, "Look, you know, we weren`t being treated well with the last guy. We`re not treated being well with this guy. We`ll take whatever we can get."