Comprehensive Disaster

Always beware of the word 'comprehensive.' That means the trouble caused by Congress will be bigger, more expensive, and more unfixable than whatever came before.
In calling for comprehensive healthcare reform to be enacted by the end of the year, President Obama has set an ambitious goal – one that has eluded Congress for more than 60 years.
If this passes, it will complete a sweep by Obama - an undoing of the America layed out in our constitution and it's replacement with a European-style socialism. The tragedy of his election grows daily.
But at Thursday's White House Forum on Health Reform, Mr. Obama declared "this time is different," saying the economic crisis has turned health reform into an imperative. He attributed the failure of past healthcare reform efforts to "special interests" who had their way over the "public interest."
It's not that the system isn't a mess - but the mess has been created by the government intervention of the past several decades.
"This time, the call for reform is coming from the bottom up, from all across the spectrum – from doctors, nurses and patients; unions and businesses; hospitals, healthcare providers and community groups," he said.
Why are we forced into group plans at work? Why can't simple, catastrophic insurance plans with high deductables be on the market? Why has going to the emergency room been the only alternative for the underclass?
"This time, there is no debate about whether all Americans should have quality, affordable healthcare – the only question is, how?" he continue.
It is irresponsible to go from the mess we have now to free health care for all without having an attempt made to fix the mess without 'comprehensive' reform.
Obama insists that health reform has now moved from a "moral imperative" to a "fiscal imperative" that will require people who "strongly disagree" to come together. He also cautioned that there is one option that he will not tolerate.
The unexplained chant of "Health Care is a Right," is a trick - designed to get people to support the most dramatic response to our problems without actually thinking about whether socialized medicine is the best alternative.
"The status quo is the one option that is not on the table," he said. "And those who seek to block any reform at any cost will not prevail this time around."
This will guarantee that the president's phony promises about cutting the deficit will never be acheived. Obama proposes, and Wall Street sinks. He is a comprehensive disaster.