Colmes Says Walker as Bad as Democrats

Alan Colmes accuses Scott Walker of behaving just like a Democrat - that is, he repeats the oft cited claim that the Wisconsin governor exempted public safety workers from his attack on collective bargaining because they supported his campaign. Of course, the facts make that claim questionable.


During the campaign last November, leaders of the Milwaukee Professional Firefighters Association and Milwaukee Police Association appeared in an ad supporting Walker and blasting his opponent, Democrat Tom Barrett. Walker also won endorsements from the West Allis Professional Police Association and the Wisconsin Troopers Association

Walker didn’t get the endorsements of two statewide unions, the Wisconsin Professional Police Association and the Professional Fire Fighters of Wisconsin, which both backed Barrett.

It could be that Scott Walker left some unions out of his bil because they're friendly, it could be he left them out because he wanted to pick a mountain he could climb, or, it could be that the big challenge for the country is to rein in the teachers unions - and that's what the GOP wants to focus on.