Climate Pee

Wouldn't making people convert their coins into bills eliminate much more weight?

It now appears that the well known Japanese airline Nippon Airways has started to ask its passengers to use the bathroom before they board the plane. The airline says that it is doing this in an attempt to reduce carbon emissions.

According to Nippon Airways, if all passengers empty their bladders before boarding, it means lighter passengers. This will in turn mean that the aircraft would be a lot lighter and use less fuel to fly. The airline will actually be positioning staff near the boarding gates to ask passengers if they have used the bathroom before the flight and to remind those who did not to do so.

Nippon Airways hopes that with the weight saved, it should be able to reduce carbon emissions by five tonnes over the course of a month. According to some reports, this Japanese airline actually started this policy back on October 1. This new policy came about after an experiment with 42 flights seemed to bring about positive changes. The experiment was well received by the passengers who were more than happy to help out with the environment. Maybe people also believed that it was something that should be done anyway.

Reports have shown that flying is actually the fastest growing source of carbon dioxide emissions on the planet and now accounts for more than 600 million tons of this gas per year. Thus, Nippon Airways thinks that airlines should do what they can to help cut down on this number. The airline hopes that this could help jump start other airlines to move in this direction as well.