Climate Change

The climate in Washington is being ruined by the ruthless Democrats in power.

Virginia Attorney General Kenneth T. Cuccinelli, II told Greta Van Susteren on Thursday night that if Speaker Nancy Pelosi and democrats use the unconstitutional tactic, deem and pass, to ram Obamacare through the US House, then he would be in court as soon as the bill is signed by President Obama.
How do Blue Dogs feel about the latest Democratic chicanery - deeming the senate bill to have been passed in the house rather than actually passing it?
The co-chairwoman of the Blue Dog Coalition says that using a controversial "deem and pass" mechanism to pass healthcare reform would be "poison." "While deeming, like reconciliation, has been used by Republicans and Democrats in the past, the context in which it would be used in this case leads me to conclude that it would poison an already terribly partisan atmosphere and leave the Congress even less able to find bipartisan solutions to fiscal problems that are on the verge of becoming overwhelming," Herseth Sandlin said.
Is the healer Obama the most divisive president of our lifetime?
A teacher at Central Falls High School has been disciplined after School Supt. Frances Gallo discovered a doll representing President Obama hanging upside down in effigy in the teacher’s third-floor classroom Monday afternoon. The doll wore a sign: “Fire CF teachers.”
Yes he is. But that's their strategy. Create crisis... then, don't let it go to waste.