Chuck Todd: GOP Wins on Budget

Chuck Todd lays out the argument that it was the threat of defunding Planned Parenthood that was used by John Boehner to get Dems to agree to $38 billion in budget cuts when they really didn't want any cuts.

It wasn't until the last 24 hours of this showdown did the Democrats make a policy argument. And they were simply making a policy argument because the women senators in the Democratic Senate were drawing a line and saying, "Don't go here on Planned Parenthood. Don't throw this under the bus. You're throwing everything else under the bus."

The White House is now pretending that the budget deal happened because it wanted to cut spending - a ruse that demonstrates the White House believes out of control spending is on the minds of independents.

I thought it was interesting and telling, and in, and in, and in essence a give to the Republicans when David Plouffe said, "We're all committed to reducing the deficit. We're all committed to reducing the debt."