Chuck News

The war against Fox News got hotter today, as NBC News political editor Chuck Todd said the network is trying to undermine mainstream reporters. Todd was reacting to comments from Fox News Channel's VP of News Bill Sammon.
BILL SAMMON - The mainstream media hates the Tea Party movement almost as much as it hates Sarah Palin, and the reason is simple. That's because both are a threat. Palin is a threat down the road, whether it be in 2012 or beyond. The Tea Party is a threat because it is galvanizing Republicans.
O'Reilly did some coverage on the controversy last night, offering evidence that Sammon was correct.
What Bill Sammon said is absolutely true. Of course, he was attacked. NBC News correspondent Chuck Todd said: "Come on, Bill Sammon, an absurd attack and you know it, that [the mainstream media] hates tea party movement? Please. Didn't expect a shot like that from u." After reading Mr. Todd's statement, "The Factor" began to research the mainstream media's coverage of the Tea Party. We found only two – two — positive comments amidst thousands of reports: one by The Detroit News, the other by the Associated Press.
They report, you decide.