Christy's No Sale

The Massachusetts GOP anointed Charlie Baker as it's nominee today as Convenience Store Magnate Christy Mihos didn't make the ballot. That's the big news coming out of the state GOP convention in Worcester.
Republican Christy Mihos was muscled out of the GOP primary today as gubernatorial candidate Charles D. Baker took 89 percent of the delegate vote, leaving Mihos with just 11 percent, according to unofficial estimates.

Tom & Todd producer Bill Cooksey chats up Charlie Baker at Saturday's convention.

Delegates and candidates have flooded into a sub-section of the DCU Center in Worcester for the second day of the pivotal Republican convention to decide which candidates will appear on the primary ballot.

Delegates I spoke with today said it was a highly energized convention compared to the recent past, with many more candidates, many more delegates, and many more regular folk showing up to see what happened. Which may explain why they wanted to move beyond Mihos and fully embrace Baker.

Baker, who received 2,544 votes to 318 for Mihos at the party's convention, called for "affordable, accountable, responsive" government and said, "Let's make Massachusetts work again," just before a blizzard of red, white, and blue balloons and confetti fell onto the stage at the DCU Center.

Scott Brown was the keynote speaker, and delighted the crowd with a lighthearted talk filled with lines which many activists have heard more than once since his victory, including reminders for candidates not to announce their daughters' dating status on national TV, to buy an old green GMC truck, and not to be shy about pulling out those 30 year old centerfold spreads from COSMO.

The other day one woman recognized me and said, “Excuse me ... Aren’t you that good-looking Republican from Massachusetts?” And I said, “Hi, pleased to meet you.” And she replied, “It’s nice to meet you too, Mr. Romney.”

The parties decide, at conventions, who will be on the primary ballot for statewide races.

The convention delegates also endorsed Karyn Polito for state treasurer and Mary Z. Connaughton for state auditor.

It was the first political convention for my wife Rosalie, who complained that it was too cold in the DCU Center. She was right.