Christie, Bloomberg Burned By Snow

Mayor Bloomberg is lucky. He's in town to take the heat on the New York's poor reaction to the big storm.

"This is a mayor who prided himself on his ability as a manager. If we were grading him on his response to the snowstorm, he would get an 'F,'" Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz Jr. said on Wednesday.

"Bloomberg wants to run for president, yet he can't even handle getting the streets of the Bronx plowed? That is unacceptable."

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is taking punishment for being at Disney World as his state struggles with what the blizzard brought. Watch as ABC News makes him pay for going on vacation.

ALFONSI: Meantime, anger also boiled over into New Jersey, where Chris Christie, the state's brash and often outspoken governor-

CHRIS CHRISTIE: Accountability is important now more now than ever.

ALFONSI: -was nowhere to be found. Christie, a rising star of the Republican Party, was at Disney World.

UNIDENTIFIED WOMAN: Wow. Look at our mayor, Cory Booker.

ALFONSI: In fact, about the only politician to weather the blizzard may be Newark Mayor Cory Booker, who spent the day responding to tweets from stranded residents, Personally helping shovel sidewalks and dig out cars. Wow. A mayor with a shovel. How many times have you ever seen that before? Back here in New York, our mayor says, listen. He hopes that most streets will be plowed within 24 hours. But he refuses to promise, saying, he doesn't want to anger more residents. Robin? Chris?

The state's response to the massive snowstorm is being overseen by Democratic state Senate President Stephen Sweeney, in the role of Acting Governor -- because both Republican Gov. Chris Christie and his Republican Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno are vacationing out of state at the same time.

If I were Christie, I'd have rented a car and driven straight back to Jersey.