Chevy Volt: Obama Green Fails Again

Taxpayers give every Chevy Volt hybrid customer a $7500 rebate, but still no one's buying them... except the Obama administration, determined to coverup another "green" failure.

In 2007, Barack Obama spoke to the Detroit Economic Club as a presidential candidate and bluntly told Detroit’s automakers that they were building the wrong cars. Two years later, as president of the United States and chairman of bankrupt General Motors and Chrysler, Obama got his chance to build the cars he wants. He hailed GM’s salvation as a chance to produce the electric “car of the future,” the plug-in electric... 

“General Motors predicted it would sell 10,000 Chevrolet Volt automobiles by the end of the year,” reports Neil Munro at The Daily Caller, “but it is only on track to sell roughly 6,000 of these plug-in hybrids.” In 2009 supporters were predicting 120,000 would be sold in 2012.

People decide what they will buy, not governments, which is why policy must be guided by markets, not politicians.