Cheney's Pew

Call me naive - I guess I am - for I continue to be surprised by the brutal deceipt of those who once populated the anti-Bush movement. Consider Senator Jim Webb of Virginia, a pivotal anti-war Democrat with Vietnam experience, who today joined Obama as a Bush Democrat. Two years ago, Webb spoke to reporters of the need to close Guantanamo.
Webb said he agreed early in the War on Terror that such a facility was needed. "But there comes a point where people need to be dealt with through the legal system," Webb said. "I think that time has come."
No surprise there, that was April of 2007. Bush evil, Gitmo bad. But he went a step further, suggesting that detainees should be treated like arrested citizens.
After speaking to the students in professor Larry J. Sabato's class on American politics, Webb told reporters that the detainees should either be declared prisoners of war or charged in the American judicial system if the U.S. continues to hold them captive.
With Stephanopoulos today, Webb changed his tune, denying that he meant what he said above.
"If I said charged in the American judicial system, I would mean under the traditions of the rules of evidence... the people being held in Guantanamo are being charged essentially for acts of international terror, for acts of war, and they don't belong in our judicial system, they don't belong in our jails..."
So, George asks him, you support the military commissions that Obama campaigned against and were viewed as a critical breach of American decency before his election? (my paraphrase)
I do, but with this caveat. We need commissions like this because there are issues of evidence that you can not take care of inside the regular American court system - classified information that might have an impact on how we collect intelligence... and there are facilities built in Guantanamo right now that are able to do that.
There you have it - Webb makes the Bush/Cheney argument for Gitmo, just as Cheney predicted after the December elections.
“My guess is, once they get here and they’re faced with the same problems we deal with every day, that they will appreciate some of the things we put in place,” said Cheney Monday in a telephone interview with conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh.
Stephanopoulos pressed Webb further. In January, when the President said he was going to close Gitmo in a year, Webb said he was in support of that decision. He's flipped on that opinion as well.
"We should, at the right time, close Guantanamo, but I don't think it should be closed in terms of transferring people here.
But Senator, do you support the timeline of closing Gitmo at the end of the year put forth by the President and which you supported just four months ago?
No, I don't, actually. Having sat down with my staff and having gone through the numbers in detail and looking at the facilities that have been built there... I think what we're doing is the right way.
What, he's never discussed this with his staff before? Here's his best response, when he basically tells Stephie that you can't believe anything Obama says. George says "But the administration has said January," for closing Gitmo.
"They've said alot of things, then taken a look and said other things."
He's calling Obama a flip-flopper. Then, for a cherry on top, he rejects the much supported (New York Times, et al) idea that a "wrongly" imprisoned group of Chinese refugees should be released into the U.S.
The Uighurs, he said, "accepted training from al Qaeda and as a result they have taken part in terrorism…I don't believe they should come to the United States."
Webb is now sitting in Cheney's pew - another ridiculously dishonest anti-war, anti-Gitmo, anti-Bush liberal.