Chasing Cheney

Liz Cheney is being too tough on Justice Department lawyers... say Republicans!
A group that includes leading conservative lawyers and policy experts, former Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr and several senior officials of the last Bush Administration, is denouncing as “shameful” Republican attacks on lawyers who came to the Obama Justice Department after representing suspected terrorists. Senate Republicans have demanded details of the lawyers' past work and Liz Cheney’s group “Keep America Safe” has questioned their “values." A drumbeat of Republican criticism forced the Justice Department to reluctantly identify seven of them last week. But the harshness of the criticism – Keep America Safe labeled a group of them the “Al Qaeda Seven” – has provoked a backlash from across the legal establishment.
To me, the issue is the values of the Obama administration and Eric Holder, not the values of the individuals. It is the terror attorneys as a group that may be noteworthy.
The statement cited John Adams’s defense of British soldiers charged in the Boston Massacre to argue that “zealous representation of unpopular clients” is an important American tradition.
Yes... John Adams had it right, but that doesn't make Liz Cheney wrong.