Channeling Bill

Neil Cavuto has a tough time interviewing AFL-CIO economist Ron Blackwell.

Keeping it classy as a left wing nut ever can, AFL-CIO chief economist Ron Blackwell called Neil Cavauto an asshole on live TV today during “Your World with Neil Cavuto.” While the two of them were arguing about the stimulus and whether or not more spending was needed, Blackwell, like a typical progressive liberal democrat does when losing a debate resorted to vulgarity. “Ron, you’re the chief economist there,” Cavuto replied. “Where did you get your degree, a baking school? Where are you cooking up these numbers? The fact is we spent a trillion dollars…” That comment drew an upset response from Blackwell. “Oh, that’s an insult,” Blackwell said. “Forget about it. You’re a joker – you’re an asshole.”
Cavuto channeling O'Reilly.