Chameleon Jacket

The impact of Scott Brown reaches to every crevice of the American political psyche, now even impacting on a fashion level.

Notice the nod to the barn jacket as embattled interim leftist Senator Michael Bennet of Colorado launches his first ad in an attempt to win a full term. He's replaced Scott's pickup truck with the mountains.
Doesn't take long for a socialist to become a populist cost cutter when the going gets tough. Freeze the pay of congress? Take away they're health care?
Few realize that Sen. Mike Bennet has helped pass over 90 pieces of progressive legislation in his first year, helping millions across our nation. He continues to sponsor his own bills for legislative reforms on Immigration, Congressional Procedures, Financial Reforms, Health Care Reform, Education Reform, and other immediate social programs to improve services to senior citizens.
It was just last fall that Senator Bennet promised he would vote for Castro Care even if it would cost him his seat.
The color of Democrats this fall? Chameleon.