Catastrophic Proposal

Might Judd Gregg provide the bridge to restarting the legislative process on health care? He's giving it a try.

“I’m not on their reach-out list, so nothing may come of this,” Gregg said in an interview Wednesday. “But I’m ready to sit down and try to be helpful.”
Would the White House work with Gregg?
Obama may feel burned already by Gregg, who famously accepted then gave back the president’s nomination to be commerce secretary last year. And the changes Gregg will want are sure to aggravate the White House’s already frayed relationship with the left.
In a letter to Obama released late Tuesday, Gregg welcomed the meeting as a chance for “constructive dialogue” and is promoting his own lower-cost approach focused on preventive care and guaranteed catastrophic coverage for all families.
Reasonableness is not something that would normally be appealing to the Dems...
His approach is sure to face criticism for being too late and too small bore. But Gregg’s already shown a willingness to work with Democrats on a compromise related to the HIPAA changes he wants. Having a true catastrophic, major medical option for people being mandated to buy insurance fits his mode of “middle working out.”
But the GOP is the only place for the White House to go to find support for health care reform - Democrats are no longer willing to sacrifice their reelection chances to carry the President's water.
“We can all agree that no American should lose their life savings or their home because of illness or injury and that the rising cost of health care severely burdens individuals, families and businesses,” Gregg wrote in his letter to Obama this week. “Report after report also confirms that health care costs are a systemic risk to the long-term fiscal health of our nation.”
The Gregg approach - offering everyone a catastrophic plan - attacks the real problem of families being wiped out by illness, but doesn't offer the socialist approach that liberals are rabid for. We'll see how far a responsible proposal can go.