Capital Turbulence

The cost of operating private jets is astronomical. But the flights the CEO's of the Native American Car Makers took to Washington this week might turn out to be the most expensive in history.
The CEOs of the big three automakers flew to the nation's capital yesterday in private luxurious jets to make their case to Washington that the auto industry is running out of cash and needs $25 billion in taxpayer money to avoid bankruptcy.
The bastards couldn't even car pool. They each took their own little jets.
The CEOs of GM, Ford and Chrysler may have told Congress that they will likely go out of business without a bailout yet that has not stopped them from traveling in style, not even First Class is good enough. All three CEOs - Rick Wagoner of GM, Alan Mulally of Ford, and Robert Nardelli of Chrysler - exercised their perks Tuesday by flying in corporate jets to DC. Wagoner flew in GM's $36 million luxury aircraft to tell members of Congress that the company is burning through cash, asking for $10-12 billion for GM alone.
This bad decision reveals the problems the car companies have, and the problems the country has. Everyone has been raking it in for too long for doing too little. Cause and effect have been squeezed out of daily American life.
"We want to continue the vital role we've played for Americans for the past 100 years, but we can't do it alone," Wagoner told the Senate Banking Committee.
You want to play a vital role? Be remembered for smart leadership? Then Get Out!