Can't Stop

Once you get used to the idea that you can spend money forever, for any self-serving reason you can dream up - without principles being involved - well, that's just a hard habit to give up.

With a Senate vote slated for Monday evening, the White House shows signs of a late-breaking push behind a $26.1 billion aid package to help state and local governments cope with revenue shortfalls due to the continuing housing crisis and slow economic recovery.

So the Dems are trying, again, for another stimulus.

Last year’s giant Recovery Act helped fill this gap, but as these stimulus funds run out, Democrats fear more state layoffs, beginning with teachers just months before November elections. Cash-strapped governors are promised $16.1 billion to pay Medicaid bills next year and ease their budget situation; another $10 billion in education assistance would go to school boards to help with teacher hiring—a top priority for Education Secy. Arne Duncan.

As usual, the motive is not good policy, it's desperate politics. Giving money to states will help hide the reality of the economic situation beyong the November elections. Less bad news means more Democrats holding onto their seats.

“There is a tremendous amount at stake here,” Duncan told POLITICO. And even with the House gone until mid-September, he insisted that Senate passage would give local school boards “a real sense of hope” that federal dollars will be coming in time to avoid layoffs impacting tens of thousands of teachers.