Campaign Kids

Ben Quayle, the son of former VP Dan Quayle, who is running for Congress in Arizona, has run into some problem with his children.

Quayle is depicted in playful scenes with two toddler-aged girls. Underneath one image, the text reads, in part: “Tiffany and I live in this district and we are going to raise our family here.” It’s not a stretch to make the assumption that the cute tots - one sitting on his lap; the other sitting next to him - are his daughters. But that’s not the case. The recently married Quayle doesn’t have kids.

The campaign first said the kids were related to campaign staff, then clarified that the girls are the candidate's neices. Not a big deception, but a problem for a candidate who is under attack for lacking life experience.

To be sure, having kids is not a requirement of office. And there are plenty of candidates out there who have children yet are probably unfit to serve. But it’s reasonable that time-crunched voters could scan these mailers and walk away with the impression that Quayle has more life experience than he actually does.

At least they didn't catch Ben taking out the trash.