Camden NJ Lays Off A Quarter of Workforce

Democrats have us paying so much for those who don't work anymore that we can't afford to have people working now.

Camden City Council, as expected, voted Thursday to lay off almost 400 workers, half of them police officers and firefighters, to bridge a $26.5 million deficit.

That’s about a quarter of the city’s entire work force.

Pols have become accustomed to money growing on trees, and getting them to start doing their jobs properly isn't going to be easy.

Five members of City Council voted unanimously to approve the layoff plan — two other members were absent. The cuts take effect in mid-January.

walco Camden City Council Approves Massive Police And Fire LayoffsExactly how many city workers will be affected is still an open question, although nearly half the city’s police and a third of the firefighters are slated to go.

Eventually, people have to get mad enough to demand an end to inflated salaries and crushing benefits for public employees. In the meantime, citizens suffer for the partership between the Democrats and the unions that is crippling our democracy.