Cain Continues to Dominate in Latest Poll

In a new CBS News/NY Times poll that finished up Monday, Herman Cain is in the lead with 25% of the vote, followed by Mitt at 21%, but 80% of Republicans says their vote is still in play.

Cain's support surged among voters who identified with the conservative Tea Party wing of the Republican party, rising to 32 percent in mid-October from 18 percent just a few weeks ago. That's more than four times the level of support he had from the group in mid-September.

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich took 10 percent of likely primary voters, while Texas Rep. Ron Paul's support was at 8 percent.

Cain's Tea Party support has gone from 7% to 32% percent in just 5 weeks.

Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who led the poll in mid-September, plunged to just 6 percent support. He had 12 percent in early October and 23 percent in mid-September.

Romney's Tea Party support has held steady in October, at 18 percent, after a modest increase from September's 12 percent.

Perry, however, has seen his Tea Party backing go up in steam. He had just 7 percent support in the latest poll, compared to 12 percent in early October and a staggering 30 percent in mid-September.