Cahill Court

Blockbuster news from the Massachusetts gubernatorial race as a result of Tim Cahill's lawsuit against his former campaign honchos who quit two weeks ago. Has he opened a can of worms?

Politically explosive emails released today by former aides to Timothy P. Cahill appear to show Cahill’s top campaign advisers trying to make sure that a multimillion-dollar taxpayer-funded ad blitz for the state Lottery also benefited Cahill’s independent gubernatorial campaign.

The publicly funded ads are, by law, intended to promote the Lottery and not Cahill’s campaign. But the emails show Cahill’s campaign advisers discussing when the ads should run and what they should include.

“Get the Lottery immediately cutting a spot and get it up,” Cahill campaign adviser Dane Strother, wrote to four top campaign aides on July 27, according to emails released as part of a lawsuit Cahill filed against his former aides last week. “Needs to focus on the lottery being the best in the country and above reproach.”

Two days later, after receiving an email titled “how do we get the lottery ads ball rolling?” Scott Campbell, another Cahill top campaign aide, wrote to the campaign manager, Adam Meldrum, telling him, “I’ll check.”

“I think the first thing is to figure out what/when/where/how we want to do this… with Lottery people,” Campbell wrote.