Bush League

Writer Joe Klein slapped George W. a couple of weeks ago as he whined that President Obama's speech marking the end of combat operations in Iraq wouldn't be remembered.

Klein fretted it “will not be remembered as vividly as George Bush's juvenile march across the deck of an aircraft carrier, costumed as a combat aviator in a golden sunset, to announce—six years and tens of thousands of lives prematurely—the ‘end of combat operations.’”

Funny, though, the Time Magazine columnist didn't speak so harshly of the Bush carrier landing back when it took place.

Even in that 2003 CBS appearance, however, Klein wasn’t happy about Bush’s successful PR maneuver, regretting how it illustrated the “major struggle the Democrats are going to have to try and beat a popular incumbent President.”

When political candidates flip flop, they play it off by saying they've evolved their position. What do opinion writers call it when they evolve?