The Bush League

The Obama deception that most irks me is on the war in Iraq. He was able to outflank Hillary and win the Democratic nomination only because he lied. While Hillary was part of the establishment that sent us to war, Obama had always been against it, and he would unequivocally begin a systematic withdrawal of our troops, without regard for circumstances on the ground, as soon as he took office. That was the Obama promise.
Pete Stark is a strong advocate for peace and international cooperation. Stark has opposed President Bush’s war against Iraq from the start and continues to call for the immediate withdrawal of our troops from Iraq.
We are now eight months into his term, halfway into his 16 month timetable, and despite the fact that Iraq is a tranquil place compared to when he made his withdrawal commitment, there are still 133,000 troops there - with no clear plans to begin a redeployment.
The sheer incompetence of President Bush’s management of the Iraq war has caused the situation in the country to deteriorate. It has also put our brave U.S. military men and women who are serving in Iraq in extreme danger. More than five years into this war, we are clearly more of the problem rather than a solution in Iraq.
Which makes me wonder about the anti-war movement. Where are the nightly vigils from those horrified over the occupation, where are the signs on the highway ticking off the latest increase to the death count, where are the marches demanding our immediate withdrawal?
With more than 4000 Americans already killed and more than tens of thousands of Iraqi lives lost, the United States military presence no longer provides security.
Congressman Pete Stark has represented California in Washington for 36 years. A devout liberal, he has opposed the war vehemently. His website, which fortunately doesn't get updated very often, offers a timetable into liberal hypocrisy. He rants against President Bush and his failure withdraw troops, just as most Democrats did a couple of years ago.
At this point, the Iraqis need to be primarily responsible for forming an Iraqi government, ending the civil unrest and building a country that is politically stable and economically viable.
Where is the liberal anger? Where are the protests? Where is the display of their heartache over the lives being lost?
Instead of our continued military presence, we should help Iraq by working with members of the international community to provide Iraqis with resources to help them build their economic infrastructure.
And why does the President pay no political price for having lied about the war to trick the liberal left into choosing him over Hillary? Can it be that all those aching hearts over the war in Iraq never really cared about the carnage? Is it possible that war isn't bad if it's fought by Democrats?
Stark strongly opposes the Bush Administration’s further use of preemptive military force to impose regime changes in other nations as well.
Poor Congressman Stark - he doesn't know what to write on his website now that Obama the Warrior is in charge of Iraq. How about this - "Barack lied, people died." Where is the rage?