Buck Up

A Tea Party candidate for U.S. Senate gets in trouble when he complains about some "dumbasses" who are asking him "birther" questions. Notice the glee in the MSNBC coverage.

Buck, who enjoys strong support from the Tea Party movement, has since somewhat walked back the remarks, though he focused on language, not content.

"I'm not suggesting the language was appropriate," Buck told the Post today. "But after 16 months of being on the campaign trail, I was tired and frustrated that I can't get that message through that we are going to go off a cliff if we don't start dealing with this debt."

But Lu Busse, who runs the 9/12 Project Colorado Coalition, told an NBC affiliate in Denver that while she wishes Buck had used better language, she understands that he misspoke.

"He could have not called us a name," said Busse. "It would have been better to say, 'Why do these people' and he shouldn't have used a bad name, but I don't see it as he meant anything personal to me or to the other people in the Tea Party movement. It was just an unguarded moment and he was frustrated."

Buck is smart to bring it back to overspending, a key Tea Party concern, and top of mind for less engaged voters.