Brownstein: The 80/40 Solution

If you're wondering why it doesn't seem as if the Obama White House makes any policy that's American - as opposed to policy designed to satisfy special interests - here's the answer. Ron Brownstein of the National Journal explains the 80/40 solution - If Obama can get 80% of the minority vote, he can win reelection with just 40% of the white vote.

Dems are looking ahead eagerly to the first election in which white voters will be irrelevant. They figure all they have to do is get enough Hispanics into Texas to turn it blue, and Republicans can never win another presidential election. Will it be 2016? 

My concern is that the nation return to being the constitutional republic that was designed by the Founders. Democrats have accomplished their quiet coup by usurping the Constitution, and creating a country in which all of their voters are paid or otherwise pandered to. My position is not one of concern for race - If we can have a country that Jefferson and Madison would recognize, and it was populated by only non-whites, I'll be perfectly content. I just want our republic back.