Brown Knows

Scott was on the Situation Room yesterday. He was very sharp presenting his position against one size fits all universal health plan.

Scott makes a very strong case for this issue remaining in the hands of the states, but makes a unique argument for a Republican, that insuring 30 million people is important to do.
For the record, were I an Republican elected official, my answer to this line of questioning would be simple. "The reason there are so many uninsured Americans is due, in large part, to the fact that health care is too expensive. Since the president's own health care adviser, David Cutler, says that a third of our health care dollars go to waste, our obligation is to root out that waste and lower the cost of insurance by a third. That will allow millions more people into the system, and the sense of crisis will evaporate. Then we can figure out what to do next."
"The failure of the Democrats to focus on lowering costs indicates that their goal is to kidnap the problem to move us toward a socialist model."